3 different tours of Roero Castles.
Do you want an additional idea? Some suggestions for your mobility into Roero territory.

Every tale has its onw Caste. A magical place, full of charm and mistery. A place where  you can breathe the atmosfere of the past, but also culture, history and tradition.

Roero territory has 14 ancient palaces, such as medieval castles, watch towers or eighteenth century buildings  that in the past had a function of control, defense,residence, power centre and that today, after accurate restore, can be visited and some of them, turned into museum. 

Roero has many tales that Belvedere team would like to tell and propose you.

So we tought to three tours to let you discover and visit some of Roero Castles: our proposal have been studied considering the Castles distances and the logistic aspects: obviously you are absolutely free to visit just a part of the tour or make any change.

More than that, as we well know and we love the places where we live, please allows us to be your “Cicero 2.0”, suggesting you some additional activities along the way and providing you different solution on how to follow the itineraries.

The choice up to you and enjoy it !!


Castello di Guarene Castle

We start from Guarene Castle, eighteenth palance among the most beautiful in Piedmont, with a charming view on Langhe and Roero hills, covered by famuos vineyards, castles, towers and small villages, and recognized as World Heritage by Unesco. It overlook also on Roero hills and the Alps. It is an imponing baroque building with three levels which reach 25 mt in height, surrounded by large and elegant “Italian” gardens realized in the fisrt half of the eighteenth century.

More infowww.castellodiguarene.it

Magliano Alfieri Castle

From Guarene Castle we move to Magliano Alfieri Castle that hosts two museum: Museo di Arti e Tradizioni Popolari e Museo multimediale del Paesaggi.

Palace in baroque style, also from Magliano Alfieri Castle the view on Langa and Roero hills is enchanting. From the balcony of Raimondo square you can have a look on Barbaresco tower and the historical village of Neive 

More infocastellilangheroero.it – www.amicicastelloalfieri.org

Govone Castle

The last castle of  our Tour proposal is Govone Castle. Govone baroque palace, delimited by a garden and a large “Enghish” park, appears today among the Piemontese residences of Savoia family, that UNESCO included into the list of worldwide artistic heritage.

The Royal Castle, now a museum of itself as an emblematic testimony of the Piedmontese court life of the early nineteenth century, was one of the favorite summer residences of Carlo Felice di Savoia.

Moreover, the park can always be visited and, in the different seasons of the year, nature colors it with a thousand nuances: from those of plane trees, horse chestnuts and oaks to the royal carpet of periwinkles and tulips.

More info: www.comune.govone.cn.it

A fresco, a park, a chapel…the history can be lived in several manners !!

Do you want an additional idea?

You can do a break, stopping you in one of the many panoramic points to enjoy the wonderful view on Roero hills or simply for a picture to capture your vacation.

Any suggestions?

  • The white Big Bench located close to the Torion Tower in Vezza d’Alba.
  • The panoramic point in the historical centre of Guarene d’Alba.
  • The panoramic point just behind the City Hall of Castagnito
  • San Servasio little church in Castellinaldo located in front of the Big Bench
  • The “belvedere” in Alfieri park in Magliano Alfieri
  • During Christmas time, do not forget to visit Il magico paese di Natale a Govone we already spoke about it here


Cisterna d’Asti Castle

This tour starts from Cisterna Castle located on the top of this small village in Asti province, on the border with Cuneo province and, from a fortifiied enclosure, has been trasformed in Baroque age, into a noble country residence.

Inside the walls it host the Museo di Arti e Mestieri di un Tempo that contains approx  4.000 objects from the period between the seventeenth and twentieth centuries, as evidence of Piedmont peasant and artisan culture.

More info: www.museoartiemestieri.it

Monteu Roero Castle

From Cisterna Castle, we come back in Cuneo province and we move to Monteu Roero Castle. The Castle located on the top of a steep  hill, ensured a wonderful view on Roero but also guaranteed the strategic supremacy, the safety of the palace and its inhabitants.

in 2012 Berta family, historical owner of “Berta Distillerie” purchased the Castle, deciding to use it as a museum and creating therefore the Museo dell’antica arte della distillazione.

More info: www.castellomonteuroero.it

Are you intrigued by this proposal?

You will surely bring home a piece of history and some anecdote to tell your friends !!

Do you want an additional idea?


What we suggest you is very “green”. In Monteu Roero you will find the centuries-old chestnut tree, more than 400 years old with a circumference of over 10 meters. Why not try to hug him? But you must be many people, so that your arms will be able to completely encircle it! All the info on Ecomuseo delle Rocche del Roero

Any suggestions?

  • In Canale potete you can do a break at the ‘Enoteca Regionale del Roero. The best typical and local wine production in a very nice and elegant location: Roero, Roero Arneis, Langhe Favorita, Cisterna d’Asti, Moscato d’Asti, Birbèt, Barbera d’Alba, Nebbiolo wines, and also honey, nuts, chocolate, biscuits and other sweeties.
  • In Montà you can try the  potete immergervi in una Hunting of Bianco d’Alba Truffle. Discover the charming truffle world together the Trifolau and his dog.
  • In Monteu Roero discover the Crutin. Caves originally excavated by man and used as a food storage  or as simple warehouses. An underground path full of charm. The Corte dei Rotari accommodation (www.cortedeirotari.it) has a crutin, to be visited, as well as the Bajaj winery (www.bajaj.it)


Monticello Castle

For this last Tour proposal, the starting point is Monticello Castle. Located in the heart of the Roero hills and characterized by three impressive towers and a park that make the place even more fascinating,  Monticello d’Alba Castle is based in a scenic position and is, up to now, one of the best preserved medieval buildings in the area.

More info: www.roerodimonticello.it

Sanfrè Castle

We move for a few tens of km and we reach Sanfrè Castle. The visit starts with the garden tour, from which you can enjoy the view of the Cuneo plain and the Alps, you can observe the magnificence of the building and the different phases of its construction are explained. Inside you can visit the hall where the Isnardi hosted the Dukes of Savoy with alcove, stuccos and frescoes of late ‘500 still in good condition, and some halls on the ground floor of the sixteenth century area.

More info: www.castellosanfre.altervista.org