To attend to Alba white truffle hunting.
To go in search of truffles with the trifolao (truffle hunter) with his tabui (the inseparable truffle dog) in a charming walk into the woods.
The research begins with a small general explanation about the wide truffles world: the different types, the various research and training methods and their regulations.
Then we enter into the “tartufaia”: the territory where truffles grow, and we assist to the work of the owner with his dog.
The truffles world is certainly full of charm. Roero and Langa are unique territories in which the Alba white truffle, renowned and appreciated all over the world, grows.
The Rocche del Roero truffle is considered one of the best and the most loved by the chef, due to a more rounded shape, thanks to the sandy soils, that allows easy cleaning.

You can book the truffle hunting directly at the hotel.