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Mtb in Langhe and Roero. Everything you must know.

Langhe and Roero: hills cultivated with vineyards, hazelnut, orchards and woods. Many woods. Langhe, Roero and Monferrato are UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2014, and their unique territories, very famous for the wines and good food, have also a strong inclination to the trekking, mountain bike and road bike.
Several off road routes in Langhe and Roero offer a wide trails network. In the last years the territory has also been equipped to host the bike world. Marked off road trails suitable for MTB lovers, long climbs on asphalted roads with little traffic suitable for road bike lovers, bike park, mountain bike schools and many rental centers.
This guide wants to be a valid tool for those who decide to live Langhe and Roero by bike.

Langhe and Roero

Langhe territory is subdivided by Bassa Langa and Alta Langa. Bassa Langa is the area close to Alba village, between Tanaro and Belbo rivers, the hills have altitude below 600 mt above sea level. Alba area, great wines and the famous White Alba Truffle.
Alta Langa is the area that borders on south with Liguria region. Hills of approx. 800 mt above sea levels and many woods and hazelnut – tonda gentile delle Langhe.

Roero, norh of Alba and on the left side of Tanaro river, borders Asti and Torino provinces. Roero is still an intact environment, hills with woods, vineyards and orchards. The north-west area is characterized by rocche. Rocche are an erosion phenomenon that over the millennia has created a succession of cliffs, ravines and rugged terrain that appear between the vegetation.

MTB Langhe and Roero trails

Langhe by bike

To describe the MTB itineraries in Langhe we must leave from the route Bar to Bar. With a total length of approx. 125 km, Bar to Bar crosses Alba, Barolo, Barbaresco and Alta Langa areas with a subdivision in 7 stages. Crossing the Bar to Bar route you will enjoy the view of hills cultivated with vineyards, then rocche, Tanaro river, hazelnut areas, typical villages, castles full of history and many relax. All the info on Bar to Bar website –
Another important route in Langhe is the Grande Attraversata delle Langhe or simply GTL. GTL joins Santo Stefano Belbo village with Saliceto, approx. 60 km in Alta Langa.

Roero by bike

The itineraries in Roero are represented by Ecomuseo delle Rocche del Roero. More than 20 trails for Mtb all with GPX tracks that you can download for free, maps with altimetry info and difficulty levels, audio and video guide on smartphone APP and a website with all the updated info.
The most important: the Grande sentiero del Roero – S1, trail Roero Centrale – S4 and trail Roero Orientale – S3. The trails are divided by difficulty levels and are suitable also for the trekking. On the website you find where to buy the maps on the territory. All the info on Ecomuseo delle Rocche del Roero website-

Also in Roero there is a wide paths network suitable for Mtb, always managed by the Ecomuseo delle Rocche del Roero, and that also allow you to discover interesting cultural insights.
  • Sentiero Religioso in Montà CN – with the variant on S1 path to avoid the stairs leading to casa delle api (bee house) Ciabot Calorio.
  • Sentiero del Lupo in Montà CN.
  • Sentiero del Castagno in Montà CN  – with the variant on S1 path at Biotopo a Canale to avoid the wild wood of Rocca Tagliata.
  • Sentiero della Castagna Granda in Monteu Roero CN – to discover the ancient chestnut tree.
  • Sentiero dell’Acqua in Monteu Roero CN – crossing Valunga lake. Suitable also for the less experts.
  • Sentiero Livio Venturino in Montaldo Roero CN – wonderful view on Rocche del Roero
  • Sentiero degli Asfodeli S2 in Sommariva Perno CN
  • Sentiero della Rocca Creusa in Pocapaglia CN – also here wonderful view on Rocche del Roero. Do not forget to have a look on San Sebastiano and Asfodelo areas.
  • Sentiero dell’Acino starting from Guarene CN – not so well marked, get a map and GPX track. Wonderful for the panoramic view and for the crossed vineyards. View on the valley of Tanaro river and Bassa Langa and Alba city.
  • Sentiero del Torion in Vezza d’Alba CN – with the stop to the Torion to enjoy the landscape and the view on the central Roero area and sit on Big Bench.
Mtb trails bike Langhe Roero

Bike repair – Bike garage

Bike repair or bike garages on Langhe and Roero area. You will find on the territory several specialized bicycle shop both for mtb and roadbike for any technical issue or material purchasing needs. The shops are focussed on Alba and Bra areas and some in Roero area. They have all the equipment for sale – helmets, tires, clothing, oils, brake pads, glasses, gps, garages and other – necessary to meet the needs that may occur. High skilled staff ready to solve the small problems and if possible get the biker back on his bike.

  • Torto Cicli, Ciclo Moda – Corso Piave, 93 ALBA CN
  • Cicli Gagliardini – Via Ospedale, 7 ALBA CN
  • La Bicicletta – Via Vivaro, 10 ALBA CN
  • Decathlon – Via Gorreto SANTA VITTORIA D’ALBA CN
  • Tecnobike – Piazza XX Settembre, 44 BRA CN
  • Atlante ciclismo – Via Bra, 24 RORETO CN
  • Pedala Sport – Via Roma, 179 CANALE CN
  • Rocca Livio cicli – Via Torino, 23 CORNELIANO D’ALBA CN
  • Cicli Giorgio – Via Asti, 12/a SAN DAMIANO D’ASTI AT
  • 2SP Cicli e Moto – Strada Gorghi, 7 CASTELLINALDO D’ALBA CN
  • Fitme, Roero bike rent – Via Torino, 16/e VEZZA D’ALBA CN
Mtb repair and garage in Langhe e Roero

Rent bike

Bike, e-bike and e-mtb rent. Some addresses of bike rental with good availability of models and sizes. Langhe and Roero hills are wonderful to be discovered riding a bike. Both for road and especially for off-road: with the mtb there are many trails and the fun is absolutely guaranteed.

  • 2SP Cicli e Moto – Strada Gorghi, 7 CASTELLINALDO D’ALBA CN
  • Fitme, Roero bike rent – Via Torino, 16/e VEZZA D’ALBA CN
  • Bike-e, Corso Piave, 219 (presso Alba Village) ALBA CN
  • Torto Cicli, Ciclo Moda – Corso Piave, 93 ALBA CN
  • Cicli Gagliardini – Via Ospedale, 7 ALBA CN
Mtb guide on Langhe and Roero Hills

Mtb guides – mountain bike trainings

Drive and enjoy the emotions of Mtb trails in Langhe and Roero as much as possible without worrying about not losing the trail or making a mistake. The MTB guide is a territory expert who drive you to give you emotions in total relax. The Langhe and Roero trails are almost all equipped with maps and gpx tracks (especially those of Roero) but with a mob guide you can discover new and unmarked places.
For who wants to improve the driving technique are also available Mtb Masters.

5 good reasons to choose a mountain bike guide?

1. The mtb guide is a professional who plans a proper tour to bikers abilities.
2. The mtb guide knows very well the territory
3. The mtb guide can suggest you a break in the right place and can suggest you the typical meal.
4. The mtb guide is a friend who share with you the emotions and can drive you in discovering unreachable places not reported into the guides-
5. The mtb guide is also a mechanic for your bike and he is also trained for any first aid needs.