Christmas is not only an explosion of lights decorating the streets of the center, but also of delights to taste.

There are many typical products, absolutely unmissable, which are enjoyed especially during the Christmas period. And that are also perfect souvenirs or gifts to present.
In the wooden houses or on the stands dressed up into the several Christmas markets, you will find many sweet delicacies with one common ingredient: the tradition.
Are you curious to discover what to eat into the markets in our. nice Piedmont? Come with us … we will bring into a “caloric” trip …

Hereunder 6 SWEET temptations


Precisely we do not know who invent it, buti t is sure that the nougat is absolutely a must for Christmas in Piedmont.
There are those who do not eat panettone because they do not like candied fruit, those who do not taste pandoro because it is too buttery, but raise the hand who during the holidays does not eat at least a small piece of nougat!


Probably someone does not know this chocolate candie with a hazelnut heart and covered by a small amount of sugar, but this praline dressed in brightly colored cards has the power to bring back memories of our childhood.
If you do not know them yet, we are sure that you will fall in love with their shiny card and, driven by curiosity, you will not be able to resist in tasting them.


The chocolates of the Piedmontese tradition are several but, according to our opinion, the Cuneesi with Rum are maybe the best choice to delight the palate, and find comfort from the very cold winter temperatures of the Christmas markets.
If you are not liquor lovers, you can choose from a wide selection of these cuneesi (hazelnut, coconut, almond, etc.)

Tartufi Dolci


If the white truffle is a Piedmontese excellence renowned all over the world, but certainly not really “cheap”, we suggest you to do not miss these sweet truffles.
White and black, covered by cocoa, are small and delicious moments of happiness.


If Milan has Panettone and Verona the Pandoro, in Roero we have the Pan ‘d Natal.
A rustic recipe handed down for a kind of sweet bread made with corn, enriched and decorated with butter, eggs, grapes and sugar, which our grandparents baked in the “putagè” (in Piedmontese dialect wood-stove)

Torta di nocciole con zabaione


Finally, a true institution on Langa hills: the Hazelnut cake, made with the round hazelnuts of Piedmont.
The recipes are many and different, there are those who make it exclusively using hazelnuts and those who also use flour: each village and each family has one, and are jealously guarded by pastry chefs or housewives.
If you want to make a boom of delight (and calories) we suggest you to combine it with the eggnog , drinking a glass of Moscato d’Asti or sweet wine.

Did we intrigue you and are you impatient to taste these delicacies from the Piedmont pastry tradition? Great !
You know, it is not Christmas without sweets.

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